Our 2020 Beneficiary

Kids in Need

  •  3,514 kids live in poverty in North Fulton, despite being one of the most affluent areas in Georgia.
  • 9,000+ students in our primary service area are not meeting third grade reading standards.
  • 300,000+ children in Georgia are unsupervised from 3 pm to 6 pm (juvenile crime peak time).

We Provide

  • Coaching: Our coaches help with homework and test preparation to foster good study habits.
  • Safety: Our students have a safe place to build relationships with educators and peers.
  • Guidance: We provide our students with key skills to help them make positive life choices.

Our Impact

  • Growing Reach: We serve over 300 at-risk children in five Title 1 North Fulton County Schools.
  • Better Grades: Our kids increase their academic performance and attitude towards learning.
  • Nourishment: For body and mind — we provide over 37,000 snacks to our students each year.

Visit STAR House Foundation to learn more.

Become A Beneficiary

We will gladly accept your application to be considered as a beneficiary for one of our upcoming events. Prior to completing the application, please make sure you meet the following basic criteria for consideration:

• Organization must be a 501(c)(3) serving Metro Atlanta;
• Donations given to your organization as a benefiting agency must be used for direct services. None of the money obtained as a beneficiary can be used for capital improvements of any kind, general salaries and/or bonuses;
• Organization must have adequate staff/volunteers committed to our event from contract signing through check distribution. As part of the agreement, you must have a representative present on behalf of your organization, able to make decisions, at each monthly committee meeting.

Beneficiary Applications for 2021 will open in January 2020.

Our 2019 Beneficiaries:

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The Voilà Foundation Awards Children's Charities
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The Voilà Foundation Awards Kyle Pease Foundation